DGold has been in the business of selling Gold for over 12 years serving a growing list of esteemed clients from all over the world

We have offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and the East African Countries (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania).

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At DGold we produce and sell up to at least 60 kg of pure Gold Dust, Nuggets and Bars a month delivering gold products all over the world

We have in stock four (4) Standard categories of Gold specifically the 24 Carat – 100% Gold, 18 Carat – 75% Gold, 14 Carat – 58.3% Gold & the 12 Carat – 50% Gold


Facts about Gold

Gold is a yellow shiny metal and with an atomic number of 79. It is a soft, dense, ductile and malleable metal

Gold is the most ductile and malleable metal; a single gram of GOLD can be hammered & spread into a one metre square sheet of Gold.

Gold is used in jewellery, used as security, used as a World Currency and it’s high conductivity has made it very useful in electronics.

Facts about Gold

Gold in the DRC

The DRC holds one of the World’s largest deposit of high quality Gold making the DRC the richest mining country in Africa

DRC's mineral wealth also includes Copper, Diamond, Cobalt and Uranium. However, just like any African country, the DRC is riddled with endless civil wars.

Hundreds of mining companies are stationed in the DRC and are legally mining there. Why? The DRC Gold is great; it’s high quality gold.

Gold in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Gold as an Investment

At todays price of about USD 1646.90 an ounce. The value of all the Gold in the World is about (9) nine Trillion Dollars

90% of mineable Gold is still believed to be in the dirt (Earth). So about $81 trillion dollars (US) is still in the Earth with a large portion of this in the DRC

According to Geologists, more than 50% of that Gold is in the DRC and this would definitely mean that over 40 Trillion dollars worth of Gold is hiding in the DRC.

Gold as an Investment